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A cartridge by Ranger Fox
Play Anywhere
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This cartridge can be played anywhere in the world. See the cartridge's description for space requirements.
Available Icons:
Added: 5/14/2019

About This Cartridge


This is a demonstration of creating a cartridge to be play anywhere when it starts. There is a two second delay due Groundspeak's emulator not starting with a valid value for Player.ObjectLocation.

Since this cartridge is play anywhere, I also had to put the old cartridge's center location in the author script. But if you just want to translate the cartridge to wherever someone is, you can leave the line "local oldCentroid = zcart.StartingLocation" and it will work (it's just that the emulator will not let you choose a location after that).

Update: I reworked the cartridge you have an object that you can use to set the game's center to wherever the player icon is on the map.

You will also note Player.ObjectLocation drifts north in Groundspeak's emulator.

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