Hidden Treasure
A cartridge by Southwicks
N 38° 31.729   W 90° 20.511 N 38° 31.729   W 90° 20.511
Geocache < 1 hour
In Missouri, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 3/19/2013

Starting Location Description

Clydesdale Park, St. Louis, MO

About This Cartridge

You found an old letter in your attic.

My Dearest Child,

Before I was your father I lived an unmentionable life of, well, let us just say adventure. When I met your mother, I desired a more peaceful life here on the outskirts of Saint Louis. I buried some of the items I aquired in my younger years on the farm. You can find a map near where you used to swing. It will lead you to a chest filled with items that should leave you and your children comfortable for the rest of your lives.


Your Father


This is a quick sample for people in the St. Louis area who would like to try out a short location based game to see how they work and test out their GPS devices. Two of the three zones you need to find are intentionally invisible until you find them. They are all pretty close together, so you should not have too much trouble finding them. Have fun!

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