A cartridge by kikonan
N 48° 02.031   E 17° 12.991 N 48° 02.031   E 17° 12.991
Geocache < 1 hour
In Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia
Available Icons:
Added: 10/11/2014

About This Cartridge

In this game you are welcome to shoot with a virtual slingshot on a virtual target. The game itself can by played anywhere with your virtual slingshot. However, to find the cache you have to come to Cunovo and to borrow the slingshot in one of the kiosks. The situation is shown in the picture above. You can see the target and three kiosks.

At first you have to visit one of the kiosk to get your equipment. After that you can shoot from the place you choose. The number of attempts is not limited. Your goal is to achieve 20 points. Once you achieve this goal the zone with cache is shown. However, you can continue shooting if you like.

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