Downtown EN
A cartridge by kikonan
N 48° 08.740   E 17° 06.366 N 48° 08.740   E 17° 06.366
Tour Guide 1-2 hours
In Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia
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Added: 10/11/2014 Updated: 5/19/2018

About This Cartridge

This game is dedicated to visitors of Bratislava. It is meant to be a downtown sightseeing tour. However, beside information about the inetersting objects the stages offer also different tasks to make the signtseeing even more interesting. Thus the game should be interesting for those players who already know Bratislava or for those who are not so much interested in detail information and want to simply enjoy the game. The tour starts at Župné námestie (published coordinates) and it is less than 2 km long. It can take up to 1,5 hour to complete the game. However, if you want to observe the buildings and their interiors more thoroughly or to visit exhibitions the tour can get much longer. This is completely up to the player's preferences.

Beside the standard game save at every stage the game contains the independent restore system. At every stage the game provides the player with the checkpoint code. In case the game has to be restored the last code can be entered in a completely new game and the game gets into the consistent state according to the entered checkpoint code.

Attention! The final box is accessible from April to October daily from 9:00 to 19:00, from November to March daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

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