Meet Me in 1904
A cartridge by Game Jam 2013
N 38° 38.354   W 90° 17.530 N 38° 38.354   W 90° 17.530
Story < 1 hour
In Missouri, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 12/25/2014 Updated: 11/6/2015

About This Cartridge

An adventure in time. This cartridge will take you on a walking tour of Forest Park in St. Louis, which in 1904 was the setting of the World's Fair. This cartridge will take approximately one hour to complete.

Renowned British scientist Professor Emmett Smith-Tennant is working on a secret experiment which he claims will "change our understanding of time, the universe, and everything." Something has gone horribly wrong and Dr. Tennant is stuck in the past. Can you help him get back?

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