A cartridge by marcipanek
N 43° 39.604   W 70° 18.478 N 43° 39.604   W 70° 18.478
Story < 1 hour
In Maine, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 7/21/2015 Updated: 4/27/2018

Starting Location Description

Starting point is at the beginning of Fore River Sanctuary Trail. You can park at N 43 39.615 W 070 18.398 and use the trailhead at N 43 39.627 W 070 18.411.

About This Cartridge

Bring old MacDonald the goods he desires from the market and he will share with you the real coordinates for his special cache. Note that when you arrive at the foot bridge, all the items you carry in your inventory will be transfered into that zone. Here you have to choose what you want to carry further one by one.

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