How the Cacher Saved Easter
A cartridge by marcipanek
N 43° 39.542   W 70° 16.239 N 43° 39.542   W 70° 16.239
Story < 1 hour
In Maine, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 7/21/2015 Updated: 10/7/2022

Starting Location Description

The starting point is in Deering Oaks Park. You can park at N 43? 39.598' W 070? 16.155'.

About This Cartridge

Help get the Easter Bunny out of trouble and save Easter. In return, the Easter Bunny will reward you with the location of a secret stash. If you get stuck, check the Task section of the main menu at any time for guidance. Good luck on your hunt and Happy Easter!

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