SeriousFool's Muggling Rampage
A cartridge by marcipanek
N 43° 39.598   W 70° 15.264 N 43° 39.598   W 70° 15.264
Story < 1 hour
In Maine, United States
Available Icons:
Added: 7/21/2015 Updated: 4/27/2018

Starting Location Description

The starting point of your Dark Side adventure is in the heart of Lincoln Park. Nearby parking is available with quarter hungry parking meters.

About This Cartridge

The time came to a screeching halt in this small park in center of Portland and it just happened to be on SeriousFool's birthday. Empowered by this phenomena, the caching villain is using his charm to lure cachers into carrying out his malicious plan. As one man's dream is another man's nightmare, the local cache owners struggle by having their caches continuously plundered. To obtain the final coords, you?ll have to muggle 5 of SeriousFool's least favorite caches, leaving pieces of trash behind. Just make sure you remember which type of cache you picked up where. To find out how many caches you have successfully muggled, you can look into your Task section of Main menu at any time.

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