Pyrotechnic (EN)
A cartridge by misoba + Kulunuru
N 48° 08.608   E 17° 06.495 N 48° 08.608   E 17° 06.495
Geocache 1-2 hours
In Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia
Available Icons:
Added: 3/25/2016

Starting Location Description

Hlavne namestie, Bratislava

About This Cartridge

Press article:
Dangerous italian pastafarian sect is protesting against Slovakia and threatening to commit terrorist attacks for years, because of our quite wide-spread habit of consuming spagetti and pizza with ketchup. During the recent demonstration in Bologna with motto "No ketchup on spagetti!" the movement leader even said publicly: "Our revenge is coming soon". He also specified it will be a bomb attacks against the Slovak pizzeria's and restaurants, with serve pasta with ketchup. The Slovak police is non-stop monitoring the neighborhood of the restaurants that might be concerned. All pyrotechnic units are in alert mode.

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