Version History

This is the cartridge's version history. It shows what additional work has been done on the cartridge. If the user is sharing the cartridge's source code, you can download specific versions here.
Version Num Date Uploaded Updated By    
Current (6) 6/20/2016 Ranger Fox
  I implemented the well!
5 6/6/2016 Ranger Fox
  Implemented charlenni's email suggestion. Thank you!
4 6/6/2016 Ranger Fox
  Nice line breaks for the emulator.
3 6/6/2016 Ranger Fox
  Implemented the bag and slightly increased the fall time for emulators.
2 6/6/2016 Ranger Fox
  I added an emulator check. You have to get a LOT more points if you're playing on an emulator. Also, the tetriminos fall faster (not a penalty; this makes it easier to play in the emulator).
1 6/5/2016 Ranger Fox